Learn About Hearing Loss



• Trouble hearing dinner conversations or a favorite television show
• Asking for repetitions
• Difficulty holding a conversation in a noisy environment
• Mixing up words or phrases
• Answering or responding incorrectly
• Trouble hearing the telephone or doorbell ring
• Difficulty hearing on the telephone
• Ringing or buzzing noises in your ears


Conductive Hearing Loss:
Involves damage or disease to the outer or middle ear. In this case, sounds are muffled and are weaker. You can experience this sensation by placing your hands over your ears. This type of hearing loss can sometimes be corrected with medicine or surgery.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss:
Involves damage or disease to the inner ear. This type of hearing loss is also referred to as “nerve deafness”. Many people with this type of hearing loss report that sounds are distorted, and speech is very difficult to understand. This type of hearing loss is permanent. It usually cannot be corrected by medicine or surgery.

Mixed Hearing Loss:
A combination of conductive and sensorneural hearing loss.

If you suspect a hearing loss, seek help. The sooner you get assistance, the better you will be able to communicate with loved ones and participate in life!